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The best way to make tequila is with


  • tequila ollitas cristalino

    A 100 % Agave tequila, which represents the fine quality of the Orendain products. Produced with selected agave baked in brick ovens and after a blend of reposado and American oak barrels 12 months aged tequilas, which is filtered through a unique process to obtain a completely transparent tequila. Soft on the palate with aromas of cooked agave and vanilla flavor. To be enjoyed neat on the rocks.

    Cristal with silver flashes

  • tequila ollitas
  • Color


  • Aroma

    agave & vanilla

  • Taste

    silky, intense but soft at the same time, leaving notes of agave, wood, chocolate, maple, vanilla and caramel

  • Alcohol

    70 proof Alc. Vol.

  • Available in: 375ml | 750ml