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  • tequila gran orendain cristalino

    Richness and fullness of flavor, coming from the prolonged peace of its patient aging of 7 years (84) months in Bourbon Premium single-use barrels. 100% selected agave. Its distinguished flavor, a gift of patience, melts delicious flavors derived from the quality of agave and the rest in white oak, which evoke cocoa, chocolate and citrus. Subjected to an exclusive and delicate special filtration process that gives it a crystalline and transparent appearance while detonates its pleasant aromatic and flavor notes. Its taste contains the character and strength of the best tequila. To be enjoyed alone or on the rocks.

  • tequila gran orendain
  • Color


  • Aroma

    cooked agave, intense wood, herbal and citrus notes, chocolate, coffee, vanilla, maple and caramel

  • Taste

    cocoa, chocolate, citrus

  • Available in: 750ml