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  • tequila gran orendain extra añejo 7 years

    The knowledge of the art of tequila, the art of time, patience and tradition , give rise to "Tequila Gran Orendain 7 Años" , a unique tequila, emblematic of the Orendain lineage, a tequila that only the experience and history of the Orendain family could create. Bodied flavor and personality leaving agave tones, maple, and vanilla on the palate.

    Luminous, of intense amber color with gold and copper shades showing its generous body.

  • tequila gran orendain
  • Color


  • Aroma

    cooked agave, intense wood, herbal notes, preserved fruits, coffee, vanilla, maple, caramel

  • Taste

    agave, maple, vanilla

  • Alcohol

    80% Alc. Vol.

  • Available in: 750ml