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Tradition, respect for the countryside and the manufacturing process established by Don Eduardo Orendain result in

The Best Tequila

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    Don Eduardo learned from many decades ago that the key to having the best Tequila was having and developing the best fields of agave, and he did. Counting among Tequila Orendain lands its “El Cerro de Tepecoste”, a unique hill of Tequila, Jalisco, which by its extraordinary natural and geographical features the best agaves, selected by the Orendain family to develop the multi-awarded Tequila Gran Orendain.

    Tequila, Jalisco: Beautiful and calm mother of the best tequilas of México, set on the slopes of the volcano, endowed with unique attributes that enable the Agave takes place in fullness, water, climate and land.

    Agave azul (Tequilana Weber): It only grows in small regions of Mexico, located mainly in Jalisco.

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    From 6 to 7 years must pass in order for the selection and planting of the Agave Azul (Tequilana Weber) until harvest.

    It is this moment where strong and experienced hands held the process known as “La Jima”, using a sharp “coa” the jimadores remove thick and sharp blades of agave to expose its agave’s heart to leave in the form of a big pineapple.

    The time between planting and the agave jima is essential for pineapples with the size and maturity ideal for making Tequila, Tequila Orendain is one of the few companies that can preserve this important tradition, due to the large number of own hectares of planting.

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    The pineapples are subjected to a cooking process until it releases its delicious honey, that is a sweet juice called Mosto. The cooking process can be carried out in an autoclave oven or in a masonry furnace oven. The main difference is the time it gives a special flavor to Tequila, ie in autoclave ovens the cooking is faster (24hrs) and the masonry is slow cooker (48hrs).

    Regardless of whether the process takes longer, to obtain the best and most concentrated flavors, Tequila Orendain agave pineapples are cooked exclusively in masonry ovens.

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    Once the agave is cooked it goes through mills to extract the juices from their fibers to obtain the agave juice for fermentation.

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    Once the milling is done, the mead juices are deposited in stainless steel vats where fermentation begins with yeasts, the yeast is a natural microorganism that feeds on sugar turning it into alcohols. The time of this process can vary from 48 and up to 72 hrs.

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    After completion of the natural chemical reaction to convert sugar into ethyl alcohol, the “mostos” are transferred to a first distillation, where you get the “ordinary” (first liquor) same as a second distillation process where it is sent natural tequila and absolutely safe arises, with no more than 55% alcohol by volume.

    Our premium products are triple distilled in order to maximize the quality of our brands.

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    The Tequila obtained after the distillation process, is stored in stainless steel tanks ready to be bottled.

    The Reposados, Añejos and Extra-Añejos are aged in white american oak barrels.

    - The Reposados rest inside the barrels from 2 to 11 months. - The Añejos rest from 12 to 35 months. - The Extra-Añejos rest from 36 months and up.

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    With a state-of-the-art bottling facility and uncompromising hygiene protocols, we guarantee unmatched performance. As technology changes and improves, we likewise continue to evolve and keep abreast of the latest international safety techniques. Every single bottle which goes through our bottling process is, at each step, carefully monitored to prevent any contamination or loss to product quality. Quality Control is vital during this process.

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    Our production process is a cycle of tradition compund over time the quality and the invaluable legacy of Don Eduardo Orendain. A 100% mexican company. Ancient knowledge in the development of Tequila. Almost two centuries making tequila. The best agave fields in Mexico. Only the best agaves are selected. The agave pineapples are harvested at full maturity. Barrels with aging of 7 years. Triple distillation. Made in Tequila, Jalisco. A multi awarded brand, 23 International Medals obtained from 2015-2020.