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Spirit Cartel to introduce two Orendain Tequilas to the UK

Spirits distributor Spirit Cartel has signed a distribution agreement with Mexican craft tequila producer Orendain, which will see the company introduce two tequila products to the UK. Orendain is on...

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New Experiences at the distillery Orendain

For travelers on a budget, the Casa Orendain tequila company offers a tour of their distillery La Mexicana for only 195 pesos ($10.40). Less well-known than Jose Cuervo, Orendain is a family-owne...

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Tequila is named Magic Town of Mexico

There's almost no way you can hear the word "Tequila" and not think about colorful Mexico. It doesn't really matter where on earth you live, if there's something that immedi...

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